Diamond Eternity Band


The Diamond Heart


The Diamond Three


We love diamonds in all shapes and sizes, but particularly the rough, alluvial, uncut smooth stones that you never see for sale. On our trips away, we try to find these incredible specimens. They shine through the Earth like a beacon of light, a metaphysical beauty. We don’t think we can get much better than this so we’ve created a range of pieces to capture them in their natural state.

Diamonds are created in the mantle of the Earth – right in the centre – where only the right amount of pressure and heat occurs to make these incredible stones. For them to be worn by us, they have had to make their way up from the centre of the Earth, travelling by attaching themselves to other rocks and being pushed up by molten lava, only to explode out onto the Earths surface via volcanic eruptions or during earthquakes. It’s pretty incredible and goes to show they really deserve their high status in the gem world!